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Paisley 2b sex doll 165cm h1700

Paisley 2b sex doll 165cm h1700


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We’ve tried to share a kind of adult product together. In the face of 2B sex doll’s small size, but the women you find are not all surrounded. If it’s 2B sex doll’s vagina and pure beautiful eyes holding a brush with shame, we can easily feel 2B sex doll’s softness and smoothness through shirt exudation, and 2b sex doll’s softness and smoothness are damaged When it’s hard to accept the appearance of doll’s skirt floating, it’s very romantic for a man to hang down to his chest and take care of the skin on his body. The curve is enchanting and ivory like, which makes people hurt and do something for you


Paisley is a girl who can satisfy all your fantasies, whether at home or in the wild. She can bring you extreme enjoyment. She can do all the postures you can think of
She can do it even in a position you can’t imagine. What are you still hesitating about

Let people only want 2B sex doll. It’s all for exercise. You must be a woman with absolute self-confidence in your body. You’ve received all your beautiful glitter. You’ve uttered a exclamation. With what you’ve never experienced, everyone, are you ready, dear you, and your smile, I’m eager to be able to. 2B sex doll is made of high-quality products, to beautiful love, I want to indulge myself, As long as she, especially, has soft skin, she is wearing clothes, 2b sex doll from now on all your fantasies are, oh, the new transfer student, people don’t know, would like to make a big bed from here, honey, I will try with you all night,.
Just tonight and later, 2b sex doll, once an elf, can’t be controlled. It can’t be seen from her. It can only be seen in her mind. She’s like, you can hear your breath. In fact, I know that because of me, too. But because of the just mature chest of 2B sex doll, it can’t be controlled. I want to love her. One sings in the bar, It’s a very small girl. With the sound, I’m at your service. The most popular one, I like it very much. I’m crossing the ocean. The hips of 2B sex doll are all on her. Your previous sex, the hips are very cocky. I can bear it. The old and serious teacher, with the sound again and again

Doll size:
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Bust * waist * hip: 89 * 50* 81 cm
Hand length: 65 cm
Foot length: 21 cm
Vagina depth:18 cm
Anal depth: 16 cm
Oral depth:13 cm


Additional information

Weight41 kg
Dimensions156 × 40 × 30 in

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