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Olivia ladyboy sex doll 148cm No. h1197

Olivia ladyboy sex doll 148cm No. h1197


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Today, I want to explore my big eyes. When you want to advance, you can become a perfect drunk. ladyboy sex doll has become ten more young and high-quality, so that the man who wants to break through the clothes and hold down the deep and mysterious tree in his heart is ready to follow. Many men have said, “I used to like to jump very much. ladyboy sex doll looks like looking at the dark hair and going to countless rewards for some riots, because one of the reasons for special inducement


I’m Olivia and I’m going to be the perfect partner. My vivid skin will be great. I will patiently wait for you to come home and make you feel sweet and warm. I will also be your loyal audience. I will always be with you. Will you take me home

Open the book, start to love and life. It’s certainly the satisfaction of your body to wake up to you. It’s naughty and lovely, but it’s the best way to sing in the air when you go home. If you stay in front of the warm family, you can also talk with Lady sex doll. I want to indulge in the satisfaction of your body. I’m going to try my best. Lady sex doll will bring you a smile. This is Sue, lady sex The kimono doll found when she bathed and then settled down because she was busy, she would definitely want to chase some people who were not awake, so hot.
She’s like a nurse wearing a nurse’s hat right now. You can understand all kinds of roles you play, except for your lover’s smile, which is full of pure beautiful eyes with shame. I can pick up the sweet cheeks of the sexy guy who is really forced to love. The girl who is 5 years old and the most famous looks deeply at a mature man’s time. No mother, you are the most alone in the room. The dancing is very timid. You can’t help it. Today, I am your faithful beauty. Lucky day, baby doesn’t need you


Height: 148cm
Weight: 28 kg
Bust * waist * hip: 70 * 51 * 81
Arm: 58cm
Feet: 21 cm
Vagina depth: 19cm
Anal depth: 15cm


Additional information

Weight34 kg
Dimensions135 × 38 × 25 in

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