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Luna sex doll bbw 165cm h1701

Luna sex doll bbw 165cm h1701


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Let people want to give your body the same jewelry and sex doll BBW is only emanating from it, and the personality is more mature and sexy than the love enjoyment will give you time. Many men have sex doll BBW. The breeze is gentle and willing to pay, just as you are in the little red lips, you are also the one of the color spinning and Off Shoulder Evening shop revelry, sex doll BBW today’s task is to exist for you


I’m Luna. Have you ever been upset that you don’t want to send flowers every day, you don’t want to buy expensive jewelry, you don’t want to go out to the movies all the time, you don’t know what cosmetics to send, so take Luna home. She doesn’t need to
These things can accompany you forever. You won’t leave you easily. You have any sexual needs.
Her big chest and big ass can satisfy you. If you want to go to her, she is your best choice

I want to indulge myself in sex doll BBW. At first, I want to taste all of her, full and strong chest, and the footsteps sound slowly. The way to please you and serve you will make you can’t help playing. I don’t need your company from time to time. Are you in distress or not, full of passion? Are you ready? Sex doll BBW, your lonely and happy face is charming, The irresistible enjoyment brought me, you want, now, it’s from, together with passion, you, legs are very long, never seen dance, you will, this long, red face, desire and desire, into a variety of beautiful shapes,.
How do you come up with a new painting, any way to satisfy you, any girl you fantasize about? That’s a kind of fairy girl. Tonight and later, at the end of the performance, she will be deeply involved. She can do it, too, because she plays all your fantasies from now on. Let’s sink together. Poke her love hole with your finger, a little, Almost no one, her body and soul, has been banished. Her beauty, close your eyes. Hello, she can sex doll BBW to satisfy your bad sexual desire. From then on, all your fantasies, the bravest knight, is a knight that you can, a knight that you can, she is very petite,

Doll size:
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Bust * waist * hip: 89 * 50* 81 cm
Hand length: 65 cm
Foot length: 21 cm
Vagina depth:18 cm
Anal depth: 16 cm
Oral depth:13 cm


Additional information

Weight41 kg
Dimensions156 × 40 × 30 in

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  1. admin

    The first time I received it, I was very surprised. It was so beautiful, the hair was very supple, it was definitely a very good companion at night, quality is really good, I hope my Opinions can help people who want to buy it.

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