It is said that this doll can not only speak

It is said that this doll can not only speak

In a major difference in the gender ratio and the aging of China on December 24th, a company is developing a new type of partner “smart” love doll for single men and retirees. It is said that this doll can not only speak, but also can switch music and switch the dishwasher. (this article was delivered on March 9, 2018)

In the Dalian based warehouse of exdoll, a number of sensual silicon dolls are hung and technicians try to blow their lives.

A white coat of programmers shouted on a beautiful, plainly blonde doll sitting on a chair with a transparent white blouse. “Whose name?”

Then, in the voice of the robot, “my name can be called Shao Dee and baby. I don’t answer when I’m in a bad mood, but the answer is that my lips are not moving and heard from the speaker.

Exdard believes that artificial intelligence (AI) will bring puppets closer to humans, to eliminate the solitude of Chinese singers, and to use them for elderly and disabled people.

In China with a population of about 1 billion, the number of men exceeds 33.3 million women. The difference between men and women is based on the one-child policy that is now being abolished. By this policy, many parents who want a male child are often aborted when the fetus is found to be a girl, and the difference in the male and female ratio of 114 male and female boys 114 persons is born.

Oudo’s marketing director, woo Xingliang, believes that his products will help solve the country’s social problems.

The company has a single male, an elderly, and a married man. But the dolls are not just for sex, “he said,” we are designed to make this puppet a meaningful conversation or help housework. In the future, it may work as a medical assistant or receptionist, “he said.


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