It is also said that it will lead to the release of women

It is also said that it will lead to the release of women

It is also said that it will lead to the release of women

In short, shoody is a voice Doll “Siri” similar to the voice assistant “Siri” of the iPhone (iPhone) that can recognize the voice and search for the net, and it can operate the consumer with the Wi Fi.


Exdard also wants to announce more advanced robots next year with AI technology, complex facial expressions, body movements, speech recognition systems, and eye tracking activities.

At the entrance of the factory, the men’s engineers are greeted with a beautiful, fashionable doll dressed in a sexy white dress.

The programmers stare at the 3D model displayed on the screen, and another worker assembles the frame exposed to wiring and joints. It is a scene that reminds me of one scene of “I, robot” which actor Smith Smith appeared.


Chief executive Chao Wu (Qiao Wu) said the goal is to create the most beautiful and most humane robot possible, “excellent robot technology has already been developed, so we want to concentrate on the most beautiful and sexiest body robots He said.

On the other hand, the woman’s rights activist, Xiaoli xiili, believes that some men will always have an outdated expectation for women, so the “sex housewife robot” may actually help women.

“Many men expect the same to women — sex, housework, childbirth and friendship. Men do not see a woman as an individual. If all the unsociable people buy a love doll, there are a lot of women released from such men, “he said


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