Human Labrador” was very important. The people who were watching were away from the place

Human Labrador” was very important. The people who were watching were away from the place

“Human Labrador factory”, a service called “let’s make a human love doll”, has advanced into a new field. The exhibition was exhibited at “unknown Asia 2019”, an Asian International Art Fair held on October 26-27, at the grand front Osaka knowledge capital Congress Centre, Osaka city.


We think the experience of human Labrador itself is art. After packing it with vinyl, you get the cardboard once. Then open the seal. In the manufacturing process, it is the “open seal” which corresponds to prologue. At that time, you seem to be uneasy, glad, cute, and beautiful… Although it should be expressionless, there is something that faintly blooms out. The photograph which I exhibited is the photograph of the expression of “human love doll”. I feel that this moment is when we become an art. “

The author has performed “human Labrador factory” several times before. At first, I was surprised by a new idea of “making a living person a Labrador”, but this exhibition has evolved it further. It is two years since it was born in Higashi Osaka in December 2017 as “reversal makeover specialty store”. It is too early development.

The exhibition space was waiting for further enjoyment. Once again, a customer who has experienced “human Labrador” has become a “human Labrador” again. This was “live exhibition”.


After that, when the new layer changes the pose of the “human Labrador” and arranges the hairstyle, the people who watched it say “the doll of the doll is loved very much” or “I want to be treated politely like this”. Some people say “I want to be a doll” or “I want to be manipulated”. “Human Labrador” was very important. The people who were watching were away from the place.

But. Human Labrador must return to man at some timing. At that moment a little performance was done. Here, the forehead was made to stand, but from the people who watched it, there was a remark called ‘Oyo.’

Art Fair was held for two days. In the meantime, it was able to see “the moment when man becomes a human Labrador” and “the moment of returning from human Labrador to man”. Some people carried their feet many times to see this. That was the only thing I felt like.

It is possible for both men and women to become “human Labrador”. Recently, male customers are increasing. At the exhibition hall, a quiz was held on the front panel in the “Kaigan no GI” (the ceremony of opening a seal).


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