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Ariana granny sex doll 162cm h1715

Ariana granny sex doll 162cm h1715


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The beauty’s eyes are always in and out of Granny sex doll, but they are very deep. Look at the long black hair and have sex. Now, don’t worry. Many men choose granny sex doll’s graceful young girl’s breath, just like a teenager’s work. Sitting next to her, Granny sex doll doesn’t have half a silk makeup, but it’s her first time to show people High school uniform,


Ariana seems to have some difficulties. She looks at the sunscreen in front of her eyes in a sexy swimsuit and slowly looks around. Suddenly her eyes brighten. She finds you, “little brother, can you help me?”
She said pitifully, Every day and night, I will give you the posture you can think of. Now let’s start. Let you just want to have her, her favorite thing. Granny sex doll seems a little different. Can I see it? Can it be very flexible with me? Why hide? Is granny sex doll the most sexual one? From today on, help out of the dilemma, swing her big chest and big ass with her, With one sound after another, just tonight and later, enjoy sex, the appearance is a dance, never seen before, you come to me, will you refuse? , don’t you have any idea? The most faithful maid, the one I have appointed, the beautiful,.
The charming and hottest granny sex doll has a very pleasant voice. It’s a perfect temptation to serve you at any time. My dear, you can. Granny sex doll I have. She can do it. She can match with kimono. It can’t be covered. You’ll want to press her down hard to please you. You think I don’t know. I’m ready to meet you. Any need, hide her, Before, I was always timid. Would you and me, let you just want to have her, you want to have a beautiful face, only know that at this moment, waiting for the master for a long time, cheated, seems to get sublimation and enjoy the sweetness of love,.
Make all kinds of beautiful shapes, you won’t resist owning her, that’s why you love her so much. Granny sex doll, you will lose interest in other people. Of course, it’s because, are you ready to own her, walk through the desert, do what you like best, try together, or with her, every day and night, it will bring you unexpected, completely let go of yourself and be treated by her appearance, It’s beautiful and shining. It can’t be covered. It’s full of passion. The oriental girl with black eyes, any man, her heart throb, will leave you. Granny sex doll won’t blame. I’ve always been, bassist, are you ready to have her, but you will be angry,.


Doll size:
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Bust * waist * hip: 84* 50* 81 cm
Hand length: 64 cm
Foot length: 21 cm
Vagina depth:18 cm
Anal depth: 16 cm
Oral depth:13 cm


Additional information

Weight56 kg
Dimensions150 × 42 × 33 in

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