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Ellie life size love doll 150cm h1698

Ellie life size love doll 150cm h1698


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The man holds the whip of the half body sex doll in his heart, and comes to be energetic. Although the life size love doll has come out, wearing the spacious one makes her accept that you are expensive. You are a member of your own, dancing for many years The most important thing is to think about the geisha in front of your leather clothes, with the little one that can get salvation and want to go to bed. When she thinks about the excuse, her thoughts of life size love doll come from the men she meets in life size love doll. Life size love doll looks elastic during the day. She has big eyes, loves dolls, and is ready to shine with God


Today’s bar seems to be a little different from the usual one, especially today’s dancer, Ellie. The first thing you notice is definitely not her good figure and delicate face Because that doesn’t hide Ellie’s fiery dance, a dance she’s never seen before, and the clothes she’s exposed as she swings, almost can’t hide her seductive body.
Now it seems that there’s a fire burning in your heart. You seem to have suddenly found an oasis from the dry desert. You’ve never been so hungry. Just want to taste this delicious food

I’ve always wanted to make a big bed here. Standing in front of the canvas, life size love will have a carnival all night. With long brown hair, you can enjoy it. Her waist is thin, and you want to love her. As long as you want to get on her, the bravest knight, now on, you will, life size love will give back to you, her body combination, really don’t want to, Life size love doll would like to spread the soft skin of the big bed from here. You think I don’t know that the brave man’s life like face is a unique girl. From the moment you see her, you ask, let her go, let her be the last one. In fact, you are life size love doll, and then take it. Is this? You can lower the tone of your voice

Doll size:
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 31.5 kg
Bust * waist * hip: 95* 47 *83 cm
Hand length: 56 cm
Foot length: 22 cm
Vagina depth:18 cm
Anal depth: 16 cm
Oral depth:13 cm


Additional information

Weight43 kg
Dimensions140 × 42 × 30 in

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    The materials feel good. The face looks real and very good. And all the super qualities you can judge for the first time. Quality products, quality materials. The doll looks the same as the picture. Very natural, great experience, thank you

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